coat hanger, 2022  //  steel pipe and components

weight: 2,5 kg

dimension (H/W/D): 114 x 43 x 18cm

SCRIPT is an innovative wall-mounted rack and coat hanger for clothes and accessories.

The design is intuitive, with the central segment reminding of a valet stand, being used to store a jacket or coat. The top segment is suited for a head piece, while the lowest segment can hold a bag, umbrella or alike. Small hooks can be placed freely allowing for additional flexibility of use.

The whole rack consist of five segments of steel pipes. By connection them they turn into a single graphical line running alongside the wall.

It is an object, that intrigues the viewer with changing lines and intersections depending on the angle of view. 

While the design was originally conceived as a home furniture item, feedback from architects and interior designers, give strong indication that SCRIPT has also strong potential in a commercial context, such as hotel rooms and office spaces.

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