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OMOTE URA is a product design studio based in Düsseldorf, Germany. 
The studio was founded by Michael Grandt and focuses on pieces of furniture and smaller interior items covering a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Michael has lived and worked a number of years in Japan. This immersion into Japanese culture has had a strong influence on his designs and becomes oftentimes a central point of reference in his projects.

What he tries to achieve are designs that might be at the first sight clear and simple, reduced to what is essential, nevertheless get across a sense of human empathy and thoughtful attention to detail that went into it. Ultimately the products aim at creating an emotional bond with the user, hopefully being appreciated for a long time of ownership.

The studio name OMOTE URA is Japanese. The words losely translate as „front“ and „back“. Beside being an obvious reference to Michael‘s history in Japan, it also picks up on the idea, that really good
design goes beyond the surface, and what can be seen at first glance. 

Good design needs a strong „backside“ – facets, details and the designers thought and empathy – that will be discovered and appreciated rather over a longer time of ownership.

Michael holds degrees in Design as well as Business & Marketing, having worked on strategic brand communication projects for global brands. While he clearly enjoys standing at the creative end of design business, he is not oblivious about industry, brand building and consumer realities. If wanted, he will share his perspective on these matters as well.